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About Nolensville Plumbing | Cool Cats Plumbing and Heating

More About Nolensville Plumbing and Cool Cats

Serving Nolansville, Franklin, Brentwood, Green Hills, Berry Hill, Belle Meade & Arrington

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Who is Nashville Cool Cats?


Mark Cox is the owner of Cool Cats Plumbing and Heating in Nolensville. He has spent 38 years in the home comfort service industry and is a holder of a Lennox Career Trained Factory Certification for Design. Mark is also part of a legacy of plumbing and heating experts coupled with participating in a full apprenticeship while in school.

Over the years, this experienced team of Nolensville plumbers start off as plumbing and heating emergency responders for their customers and then the customers quickly become the company’s very best friends. Cool Cats wants to make people feel great about the plumbing and heating services they deliver. They strive to leave the house better than they found it.

Working under the slogan, “We know cool”, Cool Cats makes sure you don’t have to take an unwanted cold shower again by servicing hot water heaters, tankless water heaters, water leaks, shower valves, kitchen faucets, garbage disposals and water pressure problems.

As an expert in water heater maintenance, repair and replacement in Nolensville, Cool Cats promises to take your plumbing pains away. Contact us for a quote and look out for our special of the month on our vans around town!

Kind words from a few of our satisfied clients

“Very experienced and knowledgeable technicians! They listen to you and find solutions that make sense for your home! I am very impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise! Thank you Mark!!”

Christopher Yates

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